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Blush Colour Infusion Guava

Blush Colour Infusion is a translucent blush with a silky texture and adjustable coverage. It blends perfectly into skin for an extremely natural result and a fresh complexion. Its pure and ultra-light pigments offer a perfectly even result and provide a touch of brilliant colour for 10 hours. Enriched with micro-fine powders, its new-generation formula makes it possible to graduate the result according to the desired effect, whether to create a subtle touch of colour or a bolder make-up. This blush ensures an even application over a liquid or powder foundation as well as on bare skin. The shades offered range from neutral and soft tones to bright colours. In terms of finish, the product is available in a matt or slightly glossy version thanks to invisible mother-of-pearl, adapting perfectly to many skin types and complexions.

Test results:
After 4 weeks of testing by an independent consumer panel, 31 women reported that Blush Colour Infusion:
• Produces a natural colour result (100%)
• Is very light (100%)
• Ensures an even application (100%)
• Blends well on skin (100%)
• Offers customizable coverage without hiding skin (94%)
• Creates flawless, smooth, and fresh-looking skin (94%)
• Is comfortable all day long (100%)
• Does not dry out skin (100%)


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How to

Before applying powder blush, always set skin first with Translucent Loose Setting Powder for the most even and smooth application.

  • Pick up product with Cheek Color Brush or Angled Cheek Color Brush.
  • Desaturate the color on the back of your hand to distribute pigment evenly through bristles.
  • Apply to apples of cheeks in soft sweeping circular motion and blend for an even and sheer application.
  • For a bold look, release more blush color by gently tapping the bristles on the cheeks, or re-prep the brush and repeat application.
  • Focus on the center of the apple and build the Color to the intensity you desire.
  • Tip: You can also dilute brush with Translucent Loose Setting Powder for an even more sheer application. Tap a small amount of Translucent Loose Setting Powder onto a tissue. Dip brush into Translucent Loose Setting Powder and saturate the bristles before picking up Blush Infusion Color.
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