A facial massage with Gua Sha:

These are the benefits and how to use the stone

Meet the Gua Sha: the stone that is excellent for facial massages. You may have seen it before and wondered what this heart-shaped stone is good for. Meanwhile, the use of the Gua Sha stone is gaining popularity and we are seeing some amazing results. We tell you about the benefits and how to work with the Gua Sha.

The Gua Sha is also known as the 'eraser for wrinkles'. Indeed, the Gua Sha can reduce the appearance of fine lines when used regularly and correctly. However, there are many other benefits of using this ancient stone.

What is a Gua Sha?

The Gua Sha is a smooth stone with rounded shapes that is perfect for stimulating blood circulation. First there was the jaderoller, and now the Gua Sha is becoming more and more popular. Like the jade roller, the Gua Sha is often made of gemstones, such as jade or rose quartz. This is because these stones conduct your energy well.

The Gua Sha technique is 2000 years old and originated in China. Ancient Chinese writings already spoke of a scraping technique to remove pains and illnesses from the body. Nowadays, the Gua Sha is mainly used in facial massages and these have different purposes. Whether it is to define contours, stimulate circulation, or reduce lines: the Gua Sha is your saving grace.

What are the benefits?

If you have seen the Gua Sha online before, you probably already know about its face sculpting results. If the internet is to be believed, everyone who uses the Gua Sha regularly enjoys a sharp jawline and a lifted appearance. And lifting it does. The upward movements of the Gua Sha lift the skin, giving it a tighter and firmer appearance. This reduces the first signs of skin ageing, such as fine lines.

Such a stimulating facial massage is also beneficial for the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This has a positive effect on impurities. By stimulating the blood circulation, inflammations have less of a chance.

Trouble with puffiness? These too can be massaged away with the Gua Sha. Below you can see the movements you need to make to get your face in great shape with the Gua Sha. Define your jaw line and cheekbones, and reduce puffiness.

As a finishing touch, skincare products are also better absorbed when you use the Gua Sha. The massage has many benefits, but your skincare routine will also come into its own.

How to use the Gua Sha?

Don't just start scraping around, but follow the right direction with your Gua Sha. For the desired result, follow the lines on the image. A cleansed face is best, so that the moisturisers you apply can penetrate the skin. Press the stone lightly while massaging, but never apply too much pressure. It should feel comfortable. Repeat the movements about five times.

  1. Apply a serum, oil, or moisturiser to your face. It should feel a little 'greasy', so that the Gua Sha will slide smoothly over your face.
  2. Use the V-shaped side of the Gua Sha to massage your jawline. Work from your chin to your ear, following your jawline. To add some extra tension, use your other hand to hold the skin tight at the chin. Apply this technique on both sides.
  3. Use the flat side to massage your cheekbones. Work from the crease of your nose to your ear, following the line of your cheekbone. To add some extra tension, use your other hand to hold the skin tight at the nose. Apply this technique to both sides.
  4. Use the short, rounded side to massage your bags. Work from the inner corner of your eye/nose in a semi-circular movement towards your temples. Follow the shape of your eyes. Apply this technique to both sides, above and below the eye.
  5. Move the same side along your brow bone. Do this from the inside to the outside as well. Apply this technique on both sides.
  6. Use the flat side of the Gua Sha to massage your forehead. Work from the bottom to the hairline and apply extra pressure once you have almost reached the hairline.

The perfect Gua Sha routine

A fine Gua Sha stone and moisturiser is the power duo you need for your Gua Sha routine. The Gua Sha's by The Coucou Club are our personal favourite. They are comfortable to hold, perfectly rounded and therefore easy to use. One Gua Sha is made of 100% natural rose quartz, this stone stands for empathy, calmness, beauty and stimulates creativity and imagination. Or will you go for the Jade Gua Sha? The jade stone stands for cleansing, protection, balance, and helps to let go of negative emotions and irritation.  
And then, of course, you need a moisturiser, oil, or serum that makes the scraping go smoothly. This can be one from your regular skincare routine. A facial oil with the properties of a serum is the ideal product for this, we believe. Think for instance of Sunday Riley's Facial Oils. For skin that is more sensitive to impurities, there is the U.F.O. Ultra Clearifying Treatment Oil, and for those who want to enjoy the benefits of Vitamin C, the C.E.O. Face Oil is perfect. Using the Gua Sha before bed? Then combine it with your regular dose of retinol with the Luna Sleeping Night Oil.
Do you want to focus on the neck and jawline? Then the Neck Sculpting Cream by Dr. Brandt is ideal. It comes with a Gua Sha of rose quartz. Neck Sculpting Cream contains an innovative, groundbreaking formula that specifically tackles the loose skin under the chin.
Include the body too? The Coucou Club recently started selling a Gua Sha stone for your body. It is the perfect tool to pamper your lower body, neck, and shoulder muscles and give them some relaxation. It also treats cellulite, stimulates circulation, reduces swelling, and relieves tension and muscle pain - plenty of reasons to get started. The Body Gua Sha by The Coucou Club is used in combination with a body oil or cream by making upward movements over the body.
A lovely oil for the body? Think of Aesop's Breathless Massage Oil, rich in vitamin E and nut oil to soothe the skin. Or the Santal 33 Body Oil from Le Labo, which perfumes your body with your favourite sandalwood scent.