Discover SKINS x LEIF. A unique collaboration celebrating the power of friendship with two aromatic Kangaroo Paw exclusives, specially created for hand care.

The collection includes a moisturizing hand wash and a nourishing hand balm, featuring botanical extracts and essential oils from Down Under for a sensory experience you won't forget.

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A look behind the scenes

Fun fact: the story of Leif once began with a shape study of a bottle with a delicate neck, created by the design studio founded by founders Jonnie Vigar and Brenan Liston.

"In this collab, I wanted to focus precisely on the sensory experience: feeling, smelling and seeing. An experience that you also experience in our boutiques. In Kangaroo Paw, that all comes together."

Philip Hillege, co-founder Skins

Transform your hand care

SKINS x LEIF invites you to make your daily handcare routine a unique moment. The moisturising Hand Wash has a rich, almost honey-like texture and feels different from what you are used to. This creates a new experience of hand cleansing. Hydrate the skin with the generous Hand Balm, which is quickly absorbed and leaves hands feeling velvety soft. With every use, experience the aromatic scent of sage and lavender.

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