Seduce with scent? This is how pheromones and perfume work together 

Smell and attraction are inseparable. There is no doubt that a lovely fragrance is extremely attractive. But did you know that there are certain fragrances that seduce the senses with their aromatic substances?

We explain everything about the use of pheromones in perfume and which fragrance ingredients you can use to attract the people around you. Perfume is the perfect way to make your pleasant presence known. You stimulate the senses of the people surrounding you, who knows, you might even seduce them with your scent. Maybe you've heard of pheromone perfume

01 | What are pheromones?

A pheromone is a signal molecule that transmits signals between individuals of the same species. They are natural chemicals produced by insects, animals, and humans to attract the opposite gender. Pheromone originates from the Greek language and means 'bearer of excitement'. 
Animals still release a lot of pheromones, but with humans it has decreased. We only give off a small amount of pheromones when we sweat. We rinse these off while showering and mask them with deodorant. So, unless you're seducing the love of your life through sports, an extra boost of pheromones is desirable.

02 | How do pheromones work?

How do these wonderful substances work their magic? The secretion of pheromones is a natural way of making two individuals feel attracted to each other. 

When a person releases pheromones, they enter the Vomeronasal Organ at the back of the nose and are then sent to the Hypothalamus part of the brain. This is the area where all our sexual desires are monitored. So chances are, when you excrete pheromones you will immediately be perceived as more attractive.


03 | Pheromones and scent

Pheromones have almost no smell, but the male pheromone androstenol can smell like musk in large quantities. This is why many women unconsciously prefer musk-like scents. 

Animal pheromones were widely used in perfume. Think of musk, which was extracted from the secretory glands of the male musk deer. Or amber, which comes from the intestines of the sperm whale. Thankfully, nowadays almost all animal pheromones are produced synthetically, as the extraction of natural substances is very unfriendly to animals.

There are bottles with odourless synthetic pheromones on the market, but their effect has never been scientifically proven.

04 | Pheromone-boosting perfumes

An innovative perfume house that creates pheromone-enhancing fragrances is Fugazzi. Its fragrance compositions are enriched with Natural Pheromone Booster™, which increases attraction up to 260%. This means that synthetic pheromones are not needed, but that the seductive substances you produce yourself are highlighted. 
Fugazzi put themselves on the map with their first fragrance creation Parfum 1. This extraordinary extrait de parfum combines everything in one: spicy, woody, fruity, and earthy. It is a fragrance that is not specifically for men or women but allows you to be yourself. And that enhances your mood, self-confidence, and attractiveness.

Met Oudh, een van de meest weelderige parfumingrediënten, koestert Goudh van Fugazzi zich in ongegeneerd hedonisme en luxe. Laat de tijd even stilstaan met dit bijzondere extrait de parfum, dat gegarandeerd wat hoofden laat draaien. De parfums van Fugazzi hebben een buitengewone sillage, omdat er 50% parfumolie in de formule verwerkt is.


05 | Other seductive perfume ingredients

It is not only pheromones that attract, but a refined perfume also has an enormous seductive power. There are certain ingredients that possess a sensual effect and are perceived as incredibly attractive. Take tuberose, for example - it is the most seductive flower in the world and only blooms at night. The opulent scent of tuberose is unmatched in its sensuality. Fragrances featuring tuberose are Do Son by diptyque and Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle.

Saffron is a delicious ingredient for cooking, but it also has a magical effect in a perfume. This precious spice gives every fragrance a unique twist that will not go unnoticed. Are you a fan of saffron? Try B683 by MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS or Black Saffron by Byredo.
Do you prefer a molecular scent? Then ambroxan is the ingredient you are looking for. Ambroxan has a different effect on everyone, but it is always skin-like sensual. The subtle scent is extremely seductive and has an inimitable woody, musky finesse. A perfume enriched with ambroxan is Not a Perfume by Juliette has a Gun. Another incredibly sensual fragrance is Magnetic Blend 7 by INITIO Parfums Privés. This perfume works with a secret musk molecule to enhance its power of seduction.