Looking for your perfume for this summer? This is our top 10.

Posted on June 24th, 2022 | Perfume

Start the summer with a new signature scent and keep that wonderful holiday feeling going all season long. These perfumes will help you achieve that.

With summer just around the corner, it's time for a new fragrance experience to match the sunny season. A sense of freedom, vibrancy, and warmth dominates in summer – which is why our Skins Experts have compiled a selection of fragrances to match the mood. We would like to introduce you to several creations that contain fizzy notes. Which one will be your new favourite?

01 | Kilian

Kologne, Shield of Protection

Fresh and vibrant: that' s what Kologne by Kilian is all about. The fragrance opens with invigorating notes of green tangerine, bitter orange, and mint, which pass into a heart of rosemary and neroli. A woody drydown is built around cedar, cashmeran, and a unique accord of green notes. This makes Kologne the perfect summer fragrance for feeling vital.


02 | Parfums de Marly


When you imagine a French summer in Provence, you think of lavender. This aromatic flower is combined with a vibrant note of bergamot for an extra vivid feeling. The fragrance creation rests on intense notes of patchouli, cedar, oud, and leather for a robust base.


03 | Juliette has a gun

Magnolia Bliss

Magnolia Bliss is a fragrance that evokes the ultimate freedom of an idyllic summer. The signature ingredient ambroxan is combined with magnolia, bergamot, and plum for a bohemian scent that reminds you of the summer of '69.


04 | Marc-Antoine Barrois


A summer evening calls for a fragrance experience with sensual and elegant notes. Encelade seduces you with the accord of creamy sandalwood and tonka bean, after which vetiver and rhubarb give the scent an earthy touch.


05 | Caron

Narcisse Blanc

Narcisse Blanc is sunny in all layers of the fragrance composition. The fragrance opens with sparkling notes of bergamot and orange, followed by a sumptuous heart of orange blossom, narcissus, and Turkish rose. Then, a warm heart of ambroxan, cashmeran, and vanilla wraps up the fragrance experience. In other words, this is a must-have this summer.


06 | Matiere Premiere

French Flower

French Flower is all about the most seductive flower in the world: the tuberose. This sensual flower only comes alive in the middle of the night. Lush notes are complimented by a pungent facet of ginger and green notes of pear and Chinese tea.


07 | D.S. & Durga

Sweet Do Nothing

Sweet Do Nothing is an eau de parfum that takes you to West Texas, where the scent of cedar and citrus meets you. Enjoy the combination of fig, green cactus pepper and orange blossom – a fragrance experience that gives you the feeling of an endless American summer.


08 | Simone Andreoli

Ocean Of A Midnight Moon

Summer is accompanied by the soothing sound of the undulating sea. Ocean Of A Midnight Moon has an aquatic character. Enjoy a marine fragrance that pays tribute to a wild azure sea. The combination of lemon, grapefruit, mandarin and bergamot mingles with the vibrant scent of juniper berries, myrtle and mint.


09 | Essential Parfums

Fig Infusion

Fig Infusion is an optimistic fragrance, like a sunny day in the south of France. The scent of fig is illuminated by a duo of juicy citrus mandarin and clementine. Notes of sandalwood, freesia, orange blossom and benzoin make the creation warm and lively.



Babel Perfume

Een mooie zomerse verrassing is Babel. Deze geurcreatie met kardemom, bergamot en een overdosis viooltjes is even sprankelend als verfrissend. En de warme tonen van vanille, cederhout en benzoïne geven een zachte en ronde draai aan het groene, frisse karakter van het parfum.