LIFESTYLE | 06-01-2023

Treat yourself to a wellness moment at the Skins salon

When was the last time you had a moment to yourself? We can understand that daily life often gets in the way. It is therefore important to schedule enough me-time so that you can completely relax. A visit to a beauty salon is the ultimate way to take time for yourself and unwind. Think about a wonderful massage or a facial to nurture yourself inside and out. Discover the exclusive Skins Salon, where well-being, relaxation and beauty meet.

A unique wellness experience

Our uniquely located, peaceful Salon in Rotterdam offers a variety of high-quality beauty treatments. The experienced and qualified beauticians will introduce you to treatments tailored to the specific needs of your skin, performed with products of only the highest quality. The salon has a treatment for everyone, every skin type, and all ages, whether you are looking for a facial to give you a rejuvenated look, a relaxing massage or the perfect make-up look to match your skin tone.

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Our treatments

The range of treatments at the Skins Salon is broad, and our beauticians are qualified in various treatments. Choose one of the treatments or combine several for the ultimate Salon experience. Book a relaxing massage for the back, neck and shoulders and enjoy the many benefits. For instance, a massage reduces stress and tension, improves blood circulation, reduces pain and stiffness and strengthens the immune system. 

There are also several treatments for the face. Have your eyebrows tweezed and waxed for a natural, well-groomed look. You can also have your eyelashes tinted and your eyebrows dyed for a defined look. In addition, our make-up artists specialise in applying make-up that highlights your best features. Get advice on which products match your unique colour palette and give yourself an ultimate boost of self-confidence. We also have a wide range of luxury facials.

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The ultimate facial treatment

Our face is very sensitive to signs of fatigue and stress. Opt for one of our facials if you want to provide yourself with an instantly rested look and feel invigorated. Go for a nourishing facial with natural skin care products from Susanne Kaufmann and hydrate your skin for an even complexion. Or choose one of PCA Skin's powerful anti-ageing facials for a youthful, radiant glow. Complete your treatment with a draining facial massage that stimulates blood circulation, and enjoy a long-lasting, beautiful lift.

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Come and enjoy yourself together

Once a month on Saturdays, it is possible to schedule a duo treatment with someone you love. During a duo treatment, you will enjoy a beauty treatment of your choice together that suits your needs and skin type. Come to our Salon together and enjoy this unique experience, perfect as a day out or a special gift for someone who deserves it.

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