Tame Hair Serum 60ml

Aesop’s Tame Hair Serum is a botanically based formulation to keep flyaways and frizzy hair under gentle but sure control. Non-sticky and lightweight, it is suitable for most hair types and lengths, smoothing the strands and imparting a soft feel and finish while also conferring subtle texture and definition. The formulation is enhanced with panthenol and hydrolyzed oats to hydrate and nurture the hair, and a blend of essential oils—including petitgrain, bergamot rind, patchouli and jasmine—that impart a fresh citrus and floral aroma. Tame Hair Serum can be used as often as desired without creating build-up, and is readily removed by shampooing.


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To use, dispense two to five pumps of product into the hands—depending on hair length, density and desired result—and apply to strands of damp or dry hair. A modest quantity will effect a natural, free-flowing look and feel; a larger amount will effect a more pronounced, structured finish.

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