Archives Conditions

In the Archives of Skins, you will find exclusive products at reduced prices. These products are in the Archives because they are leaving our collection, the packaging is slightly damaged, the shelf life expires soon, or because we have overstock. The products are guaranteed still completely safe to use.

You can access the Archives exclusively online at, provided you are logged in with your Skins account and you are a Skins Inclusive member. The Archives range is regularly updated and offers a changing selection of products available for the last time at Skins.

As the Archives has a special product selection, we apply the following terms and conditions:

  • Products from the Archives are high-quality but have a reduced price due to slight damage or limited shelf life. 
  • Products from the Archives are intended for personal use only and may not be resold. Skins reserves the right to refuse orders with large quantities or multiple orders to the same address.
  • It is not possible to collect products from the Archives from Skins boutiques.
  • The exclusive gift for Skins Inclusive members is not available when purchasing products from the Archives. This also applies to the welcome gift.
  • The Sample Service voucher is not valid on products from the Archives, but you can use the Skins Giftcard.
  • Wrapping products from the Archives as gifts is not possible, nor is adding a gift message.
  • No samples will be included with orders consisting only of products from the Archives.

For more information or questions about the Archives, please contact our Skins Experts, both online and in our boutiques.