COMBINATIONS | 17-02-2023

Beauty power couples: Skins Experts share their secrets

At Skins, we think it's important to create a unique beauty routine that works for you. That means we want to discover, together with you, which combinations suit you. Finding new favourites goes so much further than just fragrance and colour: consider the time of use, your lifestyle, your skin's needs and the season. Let us open up your world and discover product layering: combining a fragrance with another creation creates a unique scent that is just yours. Or mix different make-up, skincare and hair brands to discover what best suits your needs.

Our Skins Experts work daily among our beautiful niche brands, and are happy to inspire you with their know-how in this blog.

The ultimate duo for hydration and glow

Jetske is a Content Creator at Skins and specialises in conveying experiences and storytelling through images. Besides her eye for aesthetically-pleasing products, she loves creations that nourish both inside and out. 'As a true health and skincare fanatic, I absolutely love the French brand Aime. So it is no surprise that my favourite combination is The Simple Oil together with French Glow. The ultimate duo that provides hydration and glow during the winter months'.

To cleanse and remove make-up from her face at night, Jetske uses the Simple Oil. Besides giving a beautiful glow, the formula smells great and does not feel oily after use. Jetske: ''In the morning, I take two capsules of the French Glow supplement with a glass of water. This provides an intensive hydration boost from within, and stimulates elasticity and collagen production. No better way to start the day!'

Multitasking make-up with soft, clean formulas

Customer Experience Specialist Amal ensures the very best customer experience every day and is in close contact with you as a Skins fan. For her job, in-depth product knowledge is a must: after all, she has an advisory role. On mornings when there is not much time to look put together, Amal swears by multipurpose products: the Face Trace Contour Stick and the Baby Cheeks Blush Stick Petal  by Westman Atelier. She says: 'Cream products blend easily and give a natural glow. The Westman Atelier Face Trace Contour Stick in the colour 'Truffle' brings more dimension to my face and also works as a cream eyeshadow. The Baby Cheeks Blush Stick Petal is also a multi-tasker: perfect to add some more colour to my lips and cheeks'.

That Westman Atelier is loved by many Skins Experts is no secret, as Make-up Trainer Guusje has also incorporated the brand into her daily routine. Her enormous passion for make-up means she prefers to use it every day, but her sensitive skin can be easily irritated. She therefore calms her face with the Cultured Cultured Biome One Serum & Biome Calm Cream combined with Westman Atelier's Complexion Drops. Guusje: 'Because of the caring ingredients in Westman Atelier's Complexion Drops, I can wear this every day and it gives the most beautiful glow. Good skincare is the only way I can get my make-up flawless. What I like about clean beauty is that I don't have to worry about it bringing any turmoil to my skin'.

As Buying Assistant, Dominique is in close contact with our brands, and is one of the first to know about all the newness. In 2022, during a visit to the Paris headquarters, she fell in love with La Bouche rouge, Paris. So for her daily maquillage, she likes to use Le Sérum Noir Mascara: the world's first mascara in a glass container. This favourite serves as both mascara and lash serum, and is combined by Dominique with Westman Atelier's Eye Pods Rendez-Vous: cream powder eyeshadows in rich colours, with the softest finish.

She says: "I am a huge fan of Westman Atelier anyway. I discovered the brand through Gucci Westman's insane tutorials on her Instagram account. I love combining her products with a beautiful foundation. Early on, I discovered Dr Brandt's Flexitone BB Cream: recommended by one of the Skins Beauty Experts. You can use this cream all year round because of its formula that adapts to your complexion. With the Satin Lipstick Refill by La Bouche rouge, Paris, I complete my daily make-up look.'

Virtue for ultimate nourished hair

If you can ask anyone for advice on hair care, it is our Education Manager Jannita. With great enthusiasm and knowledge, she manages a team of skincare, make-up and perfume trainers, as well as giving educational trainings and masterclasses herself. Jannita's ideal blend for her long hair is the Virtue Healing Oil combined with the Virtue 6-in-1 Styler. 'This blend is the ultimate nourishment for my hair and a perfect ritual for styling as well as prepping. My Virtue favourites protect against the heat of styling tools and give my hair a beautiful shine'.

Your unique, personal fragrance with perfume layering

Perfume layering is indispensable when you want to wear a personal and unique fragrance combination that is only yours. Senior Customer Experience Specialist Mark is in daily contact with Skins fans and ensures an exceptional experience with his work and service. The concept of perfume layering is no stranger to him: he loves to tell you about his favourite combination. Mark: 'The new Skins x Salle Privée collaboration is of course the ultimate Skins perfume, based on woody notes like Guaiac wood and sparkling facets of bergamot and pink pepper. You can also give this perfume a mysterious and deeper character by layering it with Bois d’Ebène by Matiere Premiere. This blend creates an intense fragrance experience that has a smoky and dark twist thanks to the addition of cypriol and patchouli oils'