Looking for a fragrance for autumn?
Here's our top 10  

In autumn, our needs and preferences change when it comes to scents. In summer, we often lean more towards fresh and sparkling fragrances, but in autumn, we prefer to switch to more intense, warm perfumes with notes of amber, leather and wood.

Now that the sunny season is coming to an end, we are stepping into the cosy autumn. This calls for a new signature scent to match the season. We have listed ten scents that will leave an unforgettable impression this autumn.

01. D’Orsay | M.A. Je Suis Le Plus Grand

Our new brand D'ORSAY creates beautiful contemporary fragrances and Je suis le plus grand is a real standout for autumn. Powerful and woody with notes including ambroxan and Iso E Super, with a sensual touch of iris and violet as a finishing touch.

02. Chris Collins | Autumn Rhyth

As the name suggests, Autumn Rythm is a fantastic autumn fragrance, inspired by autumn leaves blowing through the air. The powerful extrait de parfum opens briefly sparkling with bergamot, but then moves on to lots of sensual wood, leather and musk.

03. Violet | Un Air D'Apogée

A unique perfume where pleasantly light mimosa contrasts with deep suede. Add tobacco, spices and wood and you have a delightful autumn fragrance with lots of depth, elegance and character.

04. Ex Nihilo | The Hedonist

Are you a lover of woody scents with a fresh touch? In The Hedonist, powerful notes of akigala and cedar are enriched with ginger, bergamot and vetiver - creating a sizzling touch of freshness that makes the fragrance elegant and modern.

05. Dityque | Orphéon

When wearing diptyque's Orpheon, you imagine yourself in a dark Parisian bar where tobacco smoke mingles with powdery traces of make-up and the polished wood of the bar. In the heart of the composition, warm tonka bean, deep cedarwood and vibrant juniper berries emerge.

06. Widian | Black II

Black II offers a beautiful fusion of freshness, warmth and sensuality. Plum and mandarin create a savoury opening, which transitions into a heart of flowers and wood. The base consists of vanilla and moss: sweet, dark and aromatic.

07. Naomi Goodsir | Cuir Velours

For true lovers of leather fragrances, Cuir Velours cannot be missing from the perfume wardrobe. A deep and layered perfume that hugs the skin like velvety suede, its powerful tobacco note is refined by rum, labdanum, frankincense and straw flower.

08. Memo | Russian Leather

Memo also calls Russian Leather a 'frozen fougère', or a spicy and aromatic fragrance with a cool note. From basil, pine needles and cedar to patchouli, tonka bean and guaiac wood: let autumn come.

09. Matiere Premiere | Santal Ausral

Wood, wood and more wood: that's Santal Austral by Matiere Premiere. Sandalwood predominates and is made soft, sultry and addictive by the addition of iris, tonka bean and benzoin. A lovely warm fragrance for the cold season.

10. Salle Privée | Illega

This recent creation of SALLE PRIVÉE owes its name to the addition of mysterious absinthe and cannabidiol (also known as CBD) that, together with cardamom and ginger, provide plenty of power and spiciness. Cashmere, leather and vetiver provide a long-lasting and addictive sillage.