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Do you have a boutique or beauty salon and would like to sell one or more Skins distribution brands to your customers? Then Skins Business is perfect for you. With Skins Business, we offer a wide range of skincare, haircare, bodycare, make-up and home. The brands in the Skins portfolio can be found at a select number of retailers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. These can be fashion stores, but also perfumeries and concept stores with beautiful interior products. Our products are also sold at carefully selected beauty businesses, such as hair salons, nail salons and cosmetic clinics.

With Skins Business, you have one address and point of contact for many beautiful brands - both known and unknown. This is our strength, because how great is it when you can introduce your customers to new favourites? Our brand director is constantly looking for newness. Each brand is selected with an eye on the finest ingredients, innovation, sustainability and special stories. With sophistication and an eye for detail, we like to look at which Skins brands fit your business.

Visit the Skins Business Hub to find out how we can work together.

How it works

 If you are not yet a customer, you can submit a request using the form at the bottom of the page. Your application will then arrive in our distribution inbox and be assigned to a suitable region by our team. We will pair your company with one of our experienced account managers, each with their own expertise. Preferably, you have a physical branch or boutique. You can apply specifically to one brand, but we are happy to look at which other Skins brands are a match.

If you would like to start selling one or more brands from the Skins portfolio, there are many possibilities. Does your boutique sell delicate cashmere jumpers? Then a laundry detergent from TangentGC is a nice upsell for your customers. D.S. & DURGA or D'ORSAY scented candles are a stylish accent in any concept store or interior design shop. Or surprise your customers with a perfume from SALLE PRIVÉE or Juliette Has A Gun, as an invisible jewel on the skin. If you have a beauty salon, you can nicely enrich a treatment by recommending a product from TAN-LUXE or Susanne Kaufmann, for example, to your customer afterwards.

You do this by filling in your details on our special contact page.

Our partnerships

To give you some inspiration, we would like to show you which great companies we have already partnered with.

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