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Car Perfume Diffuser Nichel 2.0

Dr Vranjes' Car Perfume Diffuser Nickel 2.0 with a stylish nickel finish is a sophisticated and original accessory for the car. The diffuser not only enhances the aesthetics of your car, but also provides a beautiful fragrance experience as the perfume spreads completely through the car. Thanks to the active ventilation, every journey becomes an unforgettable experience. The refill compartment is specially designed to be easily replaced when consumed. Refills are available separately, so you can choose a different fragrance refill each time while keeping the same diffuser.



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How to

The duration of the perfume refill is 2-3 months. This corresponds to 35-40 hours on average ventilation at 22°C. 

Attach the clip that fits on the car air vent to the back of the Carparfum. Open the Carparfum by turning the top octagonal locking ring counterclockwise until you hear a click sound. Remove the protective film from the refill and insert it into the Carparfum. Close the Carparfum by turning the locking ring clockwise until you hear a click sound. Attach the Carparfum to the car's air vents using the clip at the back. The fragrance is dispersed when the car's air ventilation is on. The best performance of the Carparfum is obtained by using warm air. To adjust the diffusion level of the fragrance, raise or lower the lever on the side. 

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