The Gua Sha

The Gua Sha by LIV Botanics is a facial massage tool made of nephrite white jade, a precious gemstone known for its soothing, harmonious properties. Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its healing properties, a Gua Sha helps firm the skin, define facial contours and reduce puffiness and fine lines. For best results, combine a lifting massage or lymphatic drainage with your favourite facial oil for a natural glow.


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  • Free from microplastics


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100% White Jade

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How to

Before using, apply a serum or oil. Start in a scraping motion from the centre of your face and gently scrape outwards. Use the small divot on the bridge of the nose, between eyebrows and jawline and larger edges on cheeks and forehead. Place your Gua Sha in the fridge for cooling and even better results. Place your Gua Sha in the fridge for cooling and even better results.

After use, clean the Gua Sha by rinsing it with water and letting it dry. Recharge your gemstone Gua Sha regularly by exposing it to sunlight or moonlight.

Keep in mind that colours and texture may vary slightly due to natural formations in each jade stone.

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