SALLE PRIVÉE House of Design brings the world a modernist collection of fragrances. Designed for men, but also to be adored and worn by women. The perfumes are inspired by memories of the disruptive 1970s, founder Patrick Munsters' favorite era of art and design. This period of innovation, greatly recognized for its sharp lines and minimalist aesthetics, plays an important role in the creative choices that SALLE PRIVÉE makes as a House of Design. A conviction that true style extends to every facet of living, the House also curates a collection of high-end lifestyle accessories. At SALLE PRIVÉE they believe your perfume collection is a “collection of moods for moments”. Subconsciously driven by memories they envision the bathroom ritual as a moment where you pick from your collection what best suits the mood of what you are about to do - whether it’s joining colleagues for a meeting, going out for the evening or even taking a pleasure drive.