Meet MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS: a couture perfume house driven by the passion of two creatives. One is a couture designer and the other a perfumer, both adoring the power of scent. In 2015, designer Marc-Antoine Barrois met renowned nose Quentin Bisch - a fantastic creative team was born. They share the love for beautiful materials, from fabrics to fragrance concentrates. After one year, MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS launched the sophisticated perfume B683. Three years later, they amaze again with Ganymede, considered by many to be an olfactory masterpiece. The couture perfume house proves that the use of the best raw materials, combined with skillful creativity, leads to the ultimate result. The fragrances are the perfect embodiment of what Barrois and Bisch represent: classic elegance, with a fresh touch.