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Instant Wrinkle Filler

Instant Wrinkle Filler 15ml


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121370 01-15ML
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    Product features

      • Affects all types of lines
      • Ensures smoother skin
      • Matte finish, excellent base for make-up

    Patyka's Instant Wrinkle Filler is the first certified organic instant solution for fine lines. Inspired by injections, this high-precision treatment fills in all types of lines instantly and permanently thanks to its formula concentrated in biotechnological active ingredients.

    Key ingredients:

    • Botox-Like Vegetal, extracted from Acmella Olerace, helps relax muscles to neutralise and smooth expression lines.
    • Low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, derived from wheat biofermentation, penetrates the skin to stimulate natural hyaluronic acid production and fill in deep lines.

    Every morning, after your day care and before make-up, apply Instant Wrinkle Filler with your fingertips directly to your lines and expression lines, using smoothing motions from the inside to the outside of your face, until the finish is matte and soft.