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Coucou Cupping Kit

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    Product features

      • Boosts blood circulation
      • Improves and smoothens out uneven skin tone and texture
      • Stimulates collagen production
      • Improves face contours and plumps fine lines
      • Depuffs and reduces dark circles
      • Treats cellulite and breaks down fat deposits

    The Coucou Cupping Kit from The Coucou Club improves the overall appearance of the skin with an ancient practice that combines traditional massage with suction therapy. Alternate between cup sizes suitable for the face and body, depending on the area to be treated, and also vary the intensity of the suction.

    Cleanse face and body first. Always apply plenty of serum, oil, or moisturiser to help face and body cups glide more smoothly. Never use on dry skin. Cup every other day, morning, or evening, for 2-5 minutes. Tip: Cup in the shower to save more time.