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Coucou Dermaplaning Exfoliator

With the Coucou Dermaplanning Exfoliator from The Coucou Club, you can perform the very popular Dermaplanning facial treatment easily and safely at home. Thanks to the tool, you will remove dead skin cells and facial hair, and see satisfactory results after just one use. The precision blades remove facial hair easily and painlessly, and can be used on the forehead, cheeks, upper lips and chin. You don't have to worry about these hairs getting darker or thicker after treatment: the non-invasive exfoliation works on the skin surface. As a result, the hair root remains unaffected.   

By using with the exfoliator, you achieve that typical glazed doughnut look. Skin looks brighter and smoother after use, and hyperpigmentation and acne scars are treated and reduced. The tool also improves skin care absorption. 


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  • Reusable zinc alloy handle  
  • 3 Stainless steel, hygienically replaceable blades  
  • Each blade lasts 3-4 times


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The tool consists of one reusable stainless steel handle and 3 hygienic replaceable blades that are easy to clean. Every blade lasts for 3-4 uses.

Skins Experts

How to

Use on clean and dry skin. Use the exfoliator once every 1-3 weeks, when the skin needs it. It is suitable for use on cheeks, chin, upper lip and forehead. Avoid use on lips, nose, eyelids, eyebrows and damaged or irritated skin. Do not combine with other exfoliators such as scrubs. Wait at least 24 hours before using any additional exfoliation. Follow up with your favourite serum, oil or moisturiser. Do not expose skin to sun or heat immediately after use.

Gladde huid

09-02-2024 door Lydia

Verwijdert makkelijk alle donshaartjes en laat de huid glad achter. Geheel pijnloos.


17-07-2023 door Richelle

De kwaliteit van dit product is echt uitstekend. Gewoon op de droge huid te gebruiken, en de donshaartjes worden met gemak verwijderd. Alleen jammer dat er geen navullingen te koop zijn.

Works really well

27-05-2023 door Michelle

Love this product! Works really well. The best dermaplaning exfoliator I’ve used!

Effectief en prettig in gebruik

20-05-2023 door Sarah

Eindelijk van het dons haar af in mn gezicht.Mn huid ziet er na gebruik helder uit en mn gezichtsproducten worden een stuk beter opgenomen.Blij met deze ontdekking!

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