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Power Face Roller

Power Face Roller from The Coucou club is a face roller with three interchangeable heads made of 100% rose quartz that improve blood flow and promote the removal of toxins, reducing dark circles, puffiness and puffy cheeks. All 3 heads stimulate blood circulation and support the lymphatic system (removal of toxins). However, the Round Roller has been specially developed for around the eyes and the Spiked and Smooth Roller are best suited for the jaw line and cheeks, forehead and neck. The Spiked Roller massages deeper into the skin with its crystal "spines" which promotes cell renewal without damaging the top layer of skin. For example, it can be seen as a holistic and hygienic alternative to microneedling. The Smooth Roller is perfect to absorb skincare products better and gives a wonderful cooling, relaxing effect. Alternate between the Smooth, and Spiked Roller for variation in intensity and stimulation. Suitable for all skin types.



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100% Rose Quartz

Skins Experts

How to

Always clean your face first. Advice: Apply a serum, oil or moisturizer before rolling. Roll for 5-10 minutes a day, in the morning or evening.

Click 3 times to turn on and 3 times to turn off.
Hold for 2 seconds to adjust the vibration intensity.
1 light: 5000 vibrations per minute
2 lights: 9000 vibrations per minute
3 lights: 13000 vibrations per minute
When the start button is green, the battery is charged for 30%, with red less than 30%.

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