Thoclor Labs

Thoclor Labs is a biotechnology company that combines medical science with the wonders of nature. With this, the brand develops the world's most advanced aftercare and skin rejuvenating products. The GF Skin Series, developed by Thoclor Labs and supported by extensive research, make the quest for youthful, healthy skin a reality. The products are proven to give the best possible skin by combining rejuvenation and healing. In 2009, Thoclor Labs began developing the 100% stable and pure molecule HOCl (hypochlorous acid) produced outside the human body. This is our own immune molecule, formed by the white blood cells and used by the body to fight inflammation, infections and diseases. It is the mainstay of our immunity and overall health and helps slow down the ageing process of the skin. Thoclor Labs' products are distinguished by the unique application of this molecule, resulting in healthy, even and younger-looking skin.