Discover the top 10 summer fragrances of 2023

Summer is just around the corner: the season of sunshine, warmth and holidays. Summer lifts our mood and creates fond memories with those around us. Just as you wear airier and softer clothes in summer, the perfumes we wear are also softer, fresh and cheerful, sometimes with a surprising twist. In this blog, we tell you about our top 10 summer fragrances for 2023, compiled by our Skins Experts. We take you on a discovery tour of these sensual scents, advise when they can be worn and tell you what unique fragrance experiences to expect.

Celebrate summer with Skins

Summer is one of our favourite seasons and is characterised by sun-drenched days, warmth and vibrancy. It is the season when nature displays its colourful flowers and wide variety of green leaves. This feeling of vitality and excitement is often associated with perfumes appropriate to the summer season.

Perfumes inspired by summer tend to contain fresh, fruity and sunny fragrance notes. They can cheer us up and surround us with an atmosphere of energy and happiness. Wearing a summer fragrance can also make us enjoy the sunny surroundings around us even more.

Discover new favourites

Did you know that perfumes become more intense in summer because of the warmer temperature? Heat makes fragrance molecules evaporate faster. This is why more intense perfumes are often traded for airy and softer scents during the summer months during the day. Still looking for a summer favourite? Then get inspired by our carefully picked selection.

Top 10 summer fragrances

Every year, our Skins Experts select ten perfumes for summer. This year, we have a wonderful selection of fragrances that are also available as travel spray or, maximum in 30 ml format, so you can enjoy the ultimate summer feeling anywhere.

1. Juliette Has a Gun - Musc Invisible

The perfume Musc Invisible by Juliette Has a Gun suits summer perfectly: it is an airy, powdery scent and wears like your favourite piece of clothing. You can wear the perfume at work as well as for a casual date. With a floral sillage, the perfume contains notes of jasmine, cotton flower and white musk.


This new creation is a collaboration between the world's first ethical couture house RVDK and modernist design label and perfume house SALLE PRIVÉE. The perfume combines spicy hints of clove with seductive tuberose, sandalwood and linalool. The elegant perfume enriches your summer with a spicy sensuality perfect for a sultry summer evening.

3. Fugazzi - Orange Crush

Less is more, argues Fugazzi's cheerful perfume. Orange Crush envelops you with just three fragrance notes, which are powerful and summery. Iso E super, white amber and orange create a soft effect, making this perfume great to wear at home as an embrace, or to flood your weekdays with summer cheer.

4. Veronique Gabai - Souvenirs de Tunisie

Haute couture in perfume is what you choose with Souvenirs de Tunisie by Veronique Gabai. The layered fragrance has a feminine touch and takes you to the best of Tunisia. You easily take the perfume with you when you travel with the travel size version, so you can enjoy this fragrance experience on holiday too. A beautiful blend of sandalwood and orange is sweetened by fresh almonds and vanilla, while the beauty of neroli is empowered by fresh bergamot.

5. Byredo - Gypsy Water Perfume Oil

Discover a different culture with Gypsy Water from Byredo. Founder Ben Gorham has always been interested and fascinated by Roma culture, the inspiration for the perfume Gypsy Water. The Perfume Oil is an alcohol-free version and provides a spicy, yet clean fragrance explosion on the skin. The perfume does not step into the foreground, despite the spicy aromas of pepper and incense, making the fragrance suitable for both day and evening.

Gypsy Water Perfume Oil
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6. 27 87 Perfumes - Hamaca

Hamaca by 27 87, which means "hammock" in Spanish, is a sun-kissed fragrance that expresses the essence of carefree relaxation in the fragrance experience. Loved by young people, the sunkissed perfume will have you strolling down Las Ramblas in Barcelona in your mind. With a fresh marine accord that blends with coconut and vanilla, this perfume is ideal for summer.

7. Maison Crivelli - Papyrus Moleculaire

For lovers of woody perfumes, Papyrus Molecular offers a unique summer experience. This perfume, which - like Santal 33 - spreads addictive woody notes, has a fresher character with a summer twist. Papyrus powder is given an unexpected twist by coriander, while tonka bean and accents of iris warm the fragrance and add elegance. Wear this perfume by day and enjoy a soft, summer fragrance experience.

8. Diptyque - Eau Rose

This limited edition hair mist by Diptyque is a fresh, almost fruity interpretation of the classic rose. Eau Rose leaves a perfumed veil of rose scent on the hair and gives a seductive, romantic feel. Where rose is normally deep and intense, this version is much fresher and more youthful, making the perfume great for daily wear in summer. Combine it with the Eau de Parfum of the same name for a more intense fragrance experience.

9. Caron - Musc Oli

Both sweet and fresh, this beloved perfume has a skinlike scent. Want to go for an accessible fragrance? Then Musc Oli, with molecular woody notes of cashmeran and javanol combined with musk, is very suitable. You can wear this perfume daily on its own, but also layering, because of its accessible base. By doing so, you create a unique and personal sillage, perfect for an unforgettable night out.

10. Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Aqua Universalis

Just as everyone has a pair of classic jeans in their closet, Maison Francis Kurkdjian's Aqua Universalis belongs to the classics among perfumes. This perfume has a fresh, clean scent that embodies the simplicity and comfort of summer. Aqua Universalis fits anywhere and enhances its surroundings. A delicate fragrance that you can use not only for yourself, but even as a house perfume and for your clothes.