May 23 2024

The ultimate self tanning guide for a perfect summer glow

Are you longing for a beautiful, sun-kissed glow without the sun? Dive into our ultimate self tanner guide. Learn everything from perfect exfoliation and skin preparation to flawless application and easy maintenance of your colour with proper hydration. With tips and tricks from our Skins Experts, you will enjoy a perfect, radiant complexion all year round.

Discover our self tanning tips for the perfect sun-kissed glow without the sun

Preparation is key

For the best results from your self tan, exfoliate your skin the day before. Use La Fervance’s Gommage Extraordinaire for your face to remove dead skin cells and reveal a radiant complexion. MANTLE’s The Hot Ex is perfect for your body, ensuring even self tanner application and leaving your skin silky smooth.

Skins Expert tip: freshly shaved skin can show streaks and dark spots in hair follicles, which are often visible after applying self tan. We recommend hair removal a day before self tanning.

Keep hydrating

Apply a moisturizing lotion to dry areas such as hands, knees, elbows, and ankles before applying self tanner. Use MALIN+GOETZ Vitamin B5 Body Lotion to prevent these areas from becoming too dark. This lotion profoundly hydrates the skin, allowing the self tanner to absorb evenly for a natural, smooth result.

How to apply self tan

Use a tanning mitt to apply self tanner evenly. Start with your legs, applying the self tanner in circular motions on your lower legs and working towards your feet. Then, move on to your upper legs, torso, and arms.

and arms. Skins Expert tip: for more precision on your face, hands, and feet, a brush is ideal.

Enjoy the summer to the fullest and reveal the perfect tan with Rudolph Care’s tanning mousse – this body self tanner has hydrating and nourishing properties, thanks to active and natural ingredients like açai and aloe vera.

Would you like to achieve a bronzy look in no time? THE FACE by TAN-LUXE are self-tanning drops that reveal a radiant, natural-looking complexion in just 60 minutes. The self-tanner is enriched with nourishing ingredients such as protective vitamin E and hydrating aloe vera.

How long should you let self tanner develop?

Wait at least 10-15 minutes before dressing. Wear loose, dark clothing to avoid stains and give the self tanner a chance to develop fully. Let the product work for a few hours or even overnight for the best results. This way, you'll enjoy an even, natural, and more intense tan.

Maintaining your colour

Hydrate daily with your favourite moisturizer to prolong the colour of your self tan. Additionally, exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells and ensure an even fading of your self tan. This helps prevent spots and streaks and ensures your self tan looks beautiful for longer.