What is haute parfumerie? Discover MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS

We all know haute couture. The luxurious, refined image of these exclusive fashion pieces has made its way into the perfume industry – meet haute parfumerie.

Just like couture, this is the showpiece of perfume. Fashion and perfume house MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS creates both and is now available at Skins. Haute couture and perfume have a lot in common: it is designed with great attention to detail, it is exclusive, composed with the most precious raw materials and created by the most prestigious creators, such as couturier Marc-Antoine Barrois and the well-known nose Quentin Bisch.

01 | What is haute parfumerie?

When we think of haute couture, we think of extraordinary fashion creations that have been developed with great care and passion. These pieces are unique and truly suit the person wearing them. The special creations attract the attention of connoisseurs of quality and enthusiasts.

Haute Parfumerie is no different. Haute parfumerie stands out for its extraordinary fragrance compositions, which are characterised by the use of precious and scarce raw materials. These include rare florals, oud, or exceptional sandalwood from Indonesia, but also scientifically developed ingredients, such as Akigala wood. Master perfumers combine these prestigious scents with the right counterparts, which results in a striking and dynamic perfume. MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS combines the precious saffron with the synthetic ambroxan for a unique olfactory portrait. According to Barrois, the right perfume is the finishing touch you need, the olfactory impression you leave behind is your signature on the moment.

You may have to find your way in the haute perfumery. The fragrances are less common than you are used, but because of that they are extremely personal. According to perfume expert François Donche, that is the power of haute parfumerie. "Mainstream fragrances are meant to please everyone. In haute parfumerie you'll find fragrances you'll immediately love and also fragrances you'll immediately hate. That's okay, these exceptional fragrances are not for everyone. The idea is to push the boundaries.”

02 | The exclusive perfumes by MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS

A Maison dedicated to haute perfumery is MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS. Couturier Marc-Antoine Barrois spent years dressing men at the very highest level. But then realised that haute couture clothing isn't complete without a matching fragrance experience.

In 2015, Marc-Antoine met renowned nose Quentin Bisch, who has created fragrances for EX NIHILO, Maison Crivelli, Parfums de Marly, and many others. Both have a passion for creating high quality, unique products. They share a love for beautiful materials, from fabrics to fragrance concentrates. A fantastic creative team was born, and with it, couture perfume house MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS.


03 | B683 & Ganymede

Meet the two creations of Marc-Antoine Barrois and Quentin Bisch: B683 and Ganymede. The first olfactory masterpiece, which put MARC-ANTOINE BARROIS on the map as a perfume house in 2016, is B683. This perfume invites you to explore and surprises you with notes of saffron, ambroxan, black pepper, and amber. With a subtle combination of sophisticated woody accords, sensual spicy notes, and the intoxicating scent of leather, B683 floods you with bliss. Of course, designer Barrois translates this unique perfume into haute couture. What would the B683 be if it were a garment? A magnificent coat. "I think this is a beautiful coat, elegant, light, beige, that a woman can borrow in a chilly night from her lover."

Three years later, in 2019, Barrois and Bisch launched their second creation: Ganymede. This is a perfume that surprises you with an unexpected, yet beautiful fragrance composition. Bisch created an elegant harmony around a quartet of mandarin, violet, immortelle, and suede. Enjoy the lively mandarin combined with two-sided immortelle, which gives a haute couture touch to the olfactory portrait.

Both B683 and Ganymede are long-lasting and have an exceptionally long sillage.