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Try Me Kit

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    The Try Me Kit by Cultured is an easy way to get to know the products of the high-quality skincare brand. This kit contains the most important Biome One products and offers everything you need to take full advantage of Cultured's skin-enhancing formulas. These products strengthen the skin barrier and optimise skin function for perfectly hydrated, balanced, and radiant skin.

    The Try Me Kit contains the following products:

    • Biome One Cleansing Balm - 15ml
      This balm cleanses your skin and removes all urban pollution from the surface of the skin. This cleansing balm is designed to strengthen the skin barrier while ridding your face of the traces of the day.
    • Biome One Serum - 10ml
      This serum ensures perfectly hydrated skin. Its prebiotic action supports the resilience of the microbiome and strengthens the skin barrier.
    • Biome One Mask - 10ml
      This mask has an effective exfoliating and brightening treatment that visibly improves the texture and radiance of the skin while protecting the skin barrier.
    • Biome Calm Cream - 10ml
      This cream strengthens the skin, the microbiome, and the skin barrier. Thanks to its advanced hyaluronic acid formula, it soothes the skin and softens signs of sensitivity.

    The minis work together as a core skin care - cleanser, serum, and mask. There is also a Calm Cream for more sensitive skin.

    For best results, stop your regular skincare and replace it with Cultured's Biomecare regime. Use the mask at the beginning or after the first two days.

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