Dr. Vranjes Firenze
Gift Box Ambra 250ml + Refill

The Gift Box Ambra by Dr Vranjes Firenze is a duo including a 250ml diffuser and a 200ml refill in the classic Ambra fragrance. The wam scent of Ambra, made from natural ingredients that originated in region of Florence, Tuscany. Discover how elegant amber and patchouli merge with the intense notes of sandalwood and vanilla. The fascinating mystery of amber lends relaxation to living spaces and bedrooms, embellishing them with a pleasant and charming sensation.


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Fragrance notes

Top: amber
Heart: patchouli
Base: sandalwoods


article number

Home Fragrance Ambra Alcohol Propylene Glycol Linalyl Acetate Hexamethylindanopyran Bht Coumarin Eugenol Linalool Citrus Limon Peel Oil Geraniol

Skins Experts

How to

Place the bottle filled with the house perfume in a room and uncork it carefully. Place the bundle of wooden sticks in the vial and let the wood absorb the perfume. Wait 24 hours for the fragrance to spread optimally in the room. The fragrance will disperse into the air, giving a constant, beautiful scent effect. Turning the bundle regularly will give a more intense scent effect.  

Skins Expert tip: Where you place the diffuser affects how quickly the perfume runs out. Room temperature is the ideal temperature. Too warm a place, such as in direct sunlight, will shorten the usage time.

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