Brightening Micro-Peeling Essence 100ml

Brightening Micro-Peeling Essence by Patyka helps reducing dark spots in the face. Acne, hormones, sun axposure, ageing process, it all might lead to the apparition of dark spots and have an impact on the lack of radiance. Brightening Micro-Peeling Essence is the result of Patyka’s advanced research, highly concentrated in natural fruit acids and sea ferns. It removes dark spots with efficacy and improves the skin radiance. An ultra-fluid texture slightly gelified. With subtle notes of apricot & lily of the valley. This expert care reveals the radiance of every skin type and increases the results of the Dark Spot Correction Serum, which is already a Patyka best-seller. Using the two products together doubles their effectiveness. 


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How to

Apply with the fingertips, every evening after double cleansing and before applying the Dark Spot Correcting Serum.

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