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Hermetica Sample Set 5x1,5ml

When you purchase the Sample Set, you will receive a voucher worth €10 by e-mail to shop for your full-size favourite at a discount within three months. This voucher is valid with a minimum spend of €30. 

This Sample Set by Hermetica contains five fragrance samples and is the ideal way to get acquainted with the scents of this sophisticated perfume house. Hermetica offers molecular fragrances inspired by the ancient concept of alchemy - transforming raw metals into precious materials. Discover which perfume is your new favourite or get hooked on multiple scents.


The Sample Set contains the following fragrances in 1.5ml format:

  • Source1 Eau de Parfum - This fragrance has a citrusy, ambery character. The sparkling note of bergamot is blended with molecules of dry amber and fresh wood, for a warm base, perfect as a fragrance enhancer.
  • DarkOud Eau de Parfum - A luxurious and charming perfume through rich spices and dark, velvety oud. The hypnotic elixir offers warming undertones of saffron molecule, myrrh and cardamom.
  • Peonypop Eau de Parfum - This fragrance is like a bouquet of pink flowers. The osmanthus flower and peony molecule create a sweet scent, while the raspberry essence creates a surprising twist on the skin.
  • VerticalOud Eau de Parfum - This mystical, woody and ambery perfume is composed with precious materials: rose oil, saffron and agarwood.
  • Jade888 Eau de Parfum - Combining green musk and lily of the valley molecules, Jade888 is a soft yet green-scented treasure invigorated by ginger extract C02. 

We always do our best to provide up-to-date information on the availability of our Sample Sets. Nevertheless, it may happen unexpectedly that one of the samples from the set you bought is not available. In this case, we will send you one of the other samples twice, so you can try it out even longer. If possible, our Skins Experts will contact you to find an alternative together.

Our Sample Sets contain samples of 1.5ml. The second image shows the Sample Set as shipped.


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Fragrance notes

Source1 Eau de Parfum
source, bergamot essence, dry amber, myrrh oil, musk cocktail

DarkOud Eau de Parfum
rose absolute, oud essence, saffron molecule

Peonypop Eau de Parfum
sandalwood, cassis, rose, bergamot, plum, amber, osmanthus, myrrh, musk, moss, lily of the valley, cedarwood, jasmine

VerticalOud Eau de Parfum
pepper, bergamot, saffron, cardamom, coriander, jasmine, rose, raspberry, geranium, cinnamon, nutmeg, amberwood, sandalwood, labdanum, tonka bean oil, patchouli, leather

Jade888 Eau de Parfum
iris oil, ginger extract CO2, lily of the valley molecule


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How to

Apply perfume to areas where you feel your heartbeat, such as your wrist and neck. You can mist the perfume on the clothing, to let the scent remain longer. With eau de parfum, extrait de parfum and perfume, perfume is only worn on the skin, because oils need skin to retain fragrance. Cologne and Eau de toilette can be sprayed on clothing. Note: If the perfume has a strong colour concentration, do not mist on light-coloured clothing. 

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