Skins Inclusive – appreciation programme terms & conditions

The Skins Inclusive loyalty programme is a personal appreciation programme that entitles you to certain benefits, exclusive promotions, special offers and commercial communications if you have signed up to receive membership-related events and activities.

As a member of this programme, you enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Welcome gift when you sign up for the first time at Skins Inclusive
  • Unlimited access to the Skins Archives
  • A personal gift with your purchase from € 120
  • Unique videos from our Skins Experts
  • Personalised rewards
A monthly newsletter on Skins Inclusive content and rewards


To participate in Skins Inclusive, you need to create a Skins account on the website and sign up for Skins Inclusive. You will then receive Skins Inclusive's welcome e-mail.

Skins Inclusive members start receiving and/or earning their membership benefits from the date they sign up for Skins Inclusive. You will receive retroactive points for transactions made earlier in 2023. You will only get access to the rewards and privileges from the moment you sign up as a member.

As a Skins Inclusive member, you will receive personalised rewards based on your purchase behaviour in our boutiques and in our webshop. The minimum age to become a Skins Inclusive member is 18 years. Membership is strictly personal and rewards received cannot be transferred to other persons.

You can change your account at any time by logging into your personal account. It is also possible to make changes (or have changes made) in our boutiques or by contacting our customer service at

Membership of Skins Inclusive is in principle for an indefinite period of time. Skins Cosmetics may deactivate your membership at any time. Of course, you yourself also have the option of deactivating your membership at any time. You can do so by logging into your account and unsubscribing from Skins Inclusive or by contacting our customer service. If you no longer wish to receive the Skins Inclusive newsletter, you can do so at any time via the unsubscribe link in the footer at the bottom of the newsletter or by unsubscribing from it in your Skins account.

Skins Cosmetics is entitled to unilaterally amend or terminate these terms and conditions, and also the content of the Skins Inclusive programme, at any time. In that case, we will notify you of the changes. Should you disagree with a change, you can, of course, deactivate your membership at any time. If you create a Skins account or subscribe to the Skins newsletter, you are deemed to have read and accepted these general terms and conditions.

The scope of the Skins Inclusive programme is limited to the Dutch and Belgian Skins Cosmetics boutiques (with the exception of the Skins boutique in Bijenkorf The Hague) and the Dutch and Belgian webshop of Skins Cosmetics.

Employees of Skins Cosmetics are excluded from participating in the Skins Inclusive programme with their Skins account.


Skins Inclusive has five levels for members. Each level contains new rewards and privileges. The higher your level, the more exclusive the surprises. These levels are:
  • Level 1 > Discoverer 0-300 points
  • Level 2 > Lover 300-600 points
  • Level 3 > Fan 600-900 points
  • Level 4 > Ambassador 900-1200 points
  • Level 5 > VIP > 1200 points

Separate terms and conditions apply to each reward or privilege. You can view these at all times within your Skins Inclusive environment under 'My rewards and privileges'.


You achieve a higher level within Skins Inclusive by doing an interaction with Skins. You earn points for these interactions:

  • +100 points > a purchase in our (e-)boutique. You earn points for a maximum of 1 purchase per day.
  • +100 points > attending a masterclass. You earn points 1 time per masterclass, even if you order the same masterclass more than once.
  • +20 points > post a review about a product. You only earn points for products you have purchased.
  • +20 points > post a review about a product. You only earn points for products you have purchased.

No points will be awarded on purchases using only Skins Gift Cards and/or Archives products.

If you return a purchase, the points provided will be deducted or adjusted.

If you do not make any purchases, post a review or answer the Member question for 12 months, you fall back to level 1. The 12 months start from the date of your most recent interaction.
If you have spent more than €1,500 at Skins in the past 12 months, you will be assigned Level 5 VIP immediately.


Any personal data we collect through your Skins Inclusive membership is used exclusively for (direct) marketing communications, such as personalised offers and promotions from Skins Inclusive.

Skins Cosmetics always processes the following personal data in connection with Skins Inclusive:
  • First name and surname;
  • Address details
  • Email address;  
Optional personal data to be added by you: Date of birth; ; Phone number; Email preferences;

To the extent not mentioned here, Skins Cosmetics processes your personal data in accordance with the 
Privacy Statement


Skins Cosmetics reserves the right to withdraw rewards. Rewards offered through Skins Inclusive can never be redeemed for contact money or any other credit.

These terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law, to the exclusion of the Vienna Sales Convention.

The provider of the Skins Inclusive programme and, therefore, your contract partner is:

Skins Cosmetics B.V.
Pletterij 3-5
1185 ZK Amstelveen
CoC-number: 34126773
VAT number: NL812550900B01