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Coucou Semi-Cured Nail Wraps Burgundy Bliss

Become your own nail artist with the Coucou Semi-Cured Nail Wraps from The Coucou Club. With the colour combination 'Burgundy Bliss’, you can create the most beautiful nail designs in minutes that last up to 12 days: as the wraps are made of real gel nail polish. The 20 different Nail Wraps have multiple sizes to fit every nail type and size.


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  • Includes nail file and wooden stick  
  • Contains 20 Nail Wraps


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Skins Experts

How to

Step 1. Smooth the nails with the provided nail file and remove dead skin around the nails.  
Step 2. Clean your nails with an acetone pad and wait for your nails to dry.   
Step 3. Choose the right size, pull off the protective film.  
Step 4. Gently place on the nail, you can gently stretch the wrap to fit your nail in the process.   
Step 5: Use the wooden stick to apply pressure around the edges.  
Step 6. Remove the residue with the nail file provided.   
Step 7. Allow optional 60 seconds to harden with the Coucou Mini LED Lamp (not included) for a strong manicure).  
Step 8. Optional: Add 1 coat of top coat for extra shine and cure for another 60s under the LED Lamp.

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