La Promeneuse

Trudon's La Promeneuse is a decorative object designed to diffuse Trudon fragrances. Place a scented Cameo in the ceramic bowl and light a tea light underneath. The perfumed wax of the Cameo will melt and subtly diffuse its scent into the air. With the La Promeneuse, you can perfume any room elegantly while creating an atmospheric ambience. 

The La Promeneuse comes with four tea lights and four Cameos in the fragrances: Abd El Kader, Ernesto, Cyrnos and Solis Rex. 



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How to

Setting it up: Always place the Promeneuse on a perfectly flat surface away from children, animals, drafts and curtains. Never place the Promeneuse on or near a heat source. Place the ceramic dish on the brass cradle. Place the spoon on the dish in the centre. Place a perfumed Cameo on the spoon. Lift the glass piece and place a small candle in the place destined for it under the Promeneuse and light it. Delicately replace the glass piece. 

Precautions: Never try to raise or move the Promeneuse when it is still lit or when there is still melted wax in the dish. The temperature of the brass spoon increases along with the Cameo wax. Don’t touch the spoon when the wax is still liquid. The Promeneuse may only be used for perfumed Cameos and Trudon candles. 

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