D'ORSAY is a luxurious perfume house that has been creating special, unique perfumes and scented candles for centuries. Alfred d'Orsay - the man behind the brand - developed his first perfume in 1830: a fragrance that reflected his forbidden love affair with Marguerite de Blessington. D'ORSAY was born. The perfume house evolved into the luxury brand it is today. In 2015, Amélie Huynh decided to give the old brand a new lease of life, while having respect for D'ORSAY's heritage. Every perfume by D'ORSAY is – just like the first fragrance – suitable for him and her and is characterised by a form of duality that emphasizes the power of love. The wonderful scents all represent a unique personality, signed with the initials of an unknown person. Be inspired by the extraordinary, captivating perfumes of D'ORSAY, which use the power of scent to let you put yourself in someone else's skin.