Piero Fornasetti was a creative miracle: as an artist, painter, sculptor, interior architect and engraver he produced around 11,000 objects in his life. Today, the studio in Milan is led by Barnaba Fornasetti, the son of the famous Milanese artist. Inspired by his father's designs, with Italian craftsmanship and eye for detail, Barnaba has started many projects. In the studio, wallpaper is being processed, but also jewels. A special collection of interior decoration pieces is the latest showpiece of Atelier Fornasetti. This collection includes crafted scented candles, fragrance oils and perfumed crystals and incense. The hand-worked ceramic incense holders, diffusers and sleeves are real eye-catchers. Profumi er la Casa is like an architectural dream world, with facial expressions of an opera singer, wise owls and daring guns.