Rae Morris
Perfect Eyeliner #14 Travel

The Perfect Eyeliner #14 Travel by Rae Morris is a travel-sized eyeliner brush. This brush makes it easy to create fine to medium-width eyeliner. The brush is also suitable for precise camouflage or to create a "beauty spot" or freckles. No matter what eye shape you have, with this brush, you can apply the perfect eyeliner in the right width in one stroke.



  • Hair type: microcrystal fibre (vegan and 99,9% antibacterial)
  • Handle: hard maple/cherry (sourced in Japan – FSC Certified)
  • Brush length: 7mm
  • Bristle length: 7mm


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Hair Type: Micro Crystal Fibre – Hakutotsuho (Vegan): features a unique crystalised structure that perfectly mimics the cuticle structure of natural fibres, enhancing product pick up and evenly applying and blending liquid, crème and powder formulations seamlessly. These unique fibres have an antibacterial rating of 99.9% and are vegan. Handle: Hard Maple/Cherry (Sourced in Japan – FSC Certified)

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How to

Use this brush to apply gel or liquid eyeliner. You can also use the brush to cover with concealer or to create a "beauty spot" or freckles.

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