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Naomi Goodsir Sample Set

When you purchase the Sample Set, you will receive a voucher worth €10 by e-mail to shop for your full-size favourite at a discount within three months. This voucher is valid with a minimum spend of €30.

This Sample Set by Naomi Goodsir contains five signature perfume samples to introduce you to the perfume house. Naomi Goods creates irresistible perfumes, with interesting and intense notes. From incense to tobacco: Naomi Goodsir goes for mysticism. Find out which one is your favorite, or do you get addicted to multiple scents?

The Sample Set contains the following fragrances in 1.5ml:

  • Bois d'Ascese
  • Cuir Velours
  • Nuit de Bakelite
  • Iris Cendre
  • Corpus Equus

We always do our best to provide up-to-date information on the availability of our Sample Sets. Nevertheless, it may happen unexpectedly that one of the samples from the set you bought is not available. In this case, we will send you one of the other samples twice, so you can try it out even longer. If possible, our Skins Experts will contact you to find an alternative together.

Our Sample Sets contain samples of 1.5ml. The second image shows the Sample Set as shipped.


Fragrance notes

Bois d'Ascese
tobacco, whisky, cinnamon, amber, cistus labdanum, oakmoss, cedarwood, incense

Cuir Velours
Tobacco, rum, cistus labdanum, frankincense, immortelle

Nuit de Bakelite
angelica, violet leaf, galbanum, lis, karo karounde, tuberose, leather, wormwood, styrax, tobacco, labdanum, guaiacwood.

Iris Cendre
iris, bergamot, violet, mandarin, cistus, tobacco, amber

Corpus Equus
amber, birch, cedar, frankincense, leather, musk, patchouli, smoky wood, rose


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