Scented Matches Terres Blondes

DIPTYQUE'S Scented Matches Terres Blondes are exclusive matches to refine the ritual of candle burning. They combine functionality with sophisticated aromas, making them a must-have for lovers of scented candles and incense. Every time you light a match, the beautiful aroma of Terres Blondes spreads. An intoxicating blend of wheat, burnt earth, red cedar and juniper make the room feel like a lush forest. The Scented Matches Terres Blondes are a luxurious addition to the fragrance experience of DIPTYQUE'S products. 


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How to

Take the box of matches in your hand and hold the black end of a match against the black ribbed side of the box. Make a stroking motion with the match to the other end of the box to catch fire. Note: each match can only be used once. 

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