INITIO Parfums Privés

INITIO Parfums Privé is an independent perfume house focused on creating luxurious, unique and addictive perfumes. Perhaps perfume is the strongest legal substance that can activate all the senses and overthrow the laws of attraction within seconds. That is why INITIO Parfums Privés went back to the founding of perfume, to rediscover it and take it to a new magical dimension. The power of scent returns to what it should always have been; a delight for those in the know and leaving an indelible impression on body and mind. One that immerses you in pleasure, passion and lust, making you want to experience it again and again. The perfume house creates original, irresistible scents that leave the wearer and those who smell it addicted. Beautiful, tenacious, luscious perfumes full of emotion and passion.