Multi-Protection Radiance Cream Dry Skin 50ml

Energy and hydration concentrate, the Radiance Cream Dry Skin is ideal for dull and tired skins. It helps recover the youth's freshness and fight against oxidative stress. A genuine shield against external aggressions, this anti-ageing treatment prevents the appearance of visible signs of ageing and helps reduce wrinkles. The universal cream is full of texture, making it more suitable for the drier skin.


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Every day, apply a dollop of the Radiance Cream Dry Skin on cheeks, forehead, neck and neckline using smoothing gestures. In order to increase its efficiency, use the cream after the Antioxidant Perfecting Serum. It's a perfect match. 99.7% of total ingredients are from natural origin 44% of total ingredients are from organic farming PREVENTS SIGNS OF AGEING Marine Bio-Complex: stimulates the protective and hydric memory functions of the epidermis. This unique complex boosts cell regeneration and refines the skin texture for a global perfecting action. SMOOTHES & MOISTURISES High Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid: creates a non-occlusive lifting film on the skin surface and retains water inside the cells for an optimal moisturising action. Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid: kickstarts the skin's natural collagen production in order to fight visible signs of ageing. Bees Wax: protecting agent effectively fighting against skin drying, it creates a soft and imperceptible moisturising film on the skin. ILLUMINATES & ENERGISES Goji Berries: exceptional antioxidants native to the Himalayas, those super-fruits have energising properties containing up to 500 times more vitamin C than an orange. They reinvigorate and oxygenate the skin, waking up dull complexions.

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