Welcome to the Skins (e-)boutique, we are delighted to have you here. When you step into our world, we touch your senses with our beautiful perfume, home and skincare collection. To ensure the best experience for everyone, we kindly ask your attention for the behavioural values listed below. These apply to both Skins employees and customers during each (digital) visit. 


  • Staff instructions should be followed at all times.
  • Skins products are visibly and invisibly secured. When the gate alarm goes off, we ask you to make yourself known to one of our staff members.
  • You are not allowed to bring prepared items such as bags, coats, buggies, magnets and matchmakers into the boutiques.
  • Unwanted intimacies, aggression and racism are not allowed.
  • Disruptive behaviour and/or causing a nuisance may lead to a boutique refusal.
  • Self-brought refreshments are not allowed.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the boutiques.
  • Children under 12 are welcome in the presence of an adult.
  • Children save running and playing for outside the boutiques.

  • There are security cameras in the boutiques to ensure the safety of employees and customers. These are used to detect crimes. Skins handles this with great care and observes legal regulations regarding the protection of personal data.
  • When entering and leaving the boutiques, our staff may carry out a bag check. If you do not wish to cooperate with this check, you may be denied access to the boutiques.
  • If there are any threats, sexual harassment, intimidation, theft or the issuing of counterfeit money, Skins will report the matter to the police.
  • Skins will impose a civil penalty of €181 for delay and nuisance for each theft.
  • As a standard procedure, Skins checks cash for authenticity features.
  • Skins rounds up cash payments to €0.05.
  • Cash payments are accepted up to €9,999 per customer.
  • Employees skim cash in a timely and frequent manner and do not have access to the vault.
  • It is allowed to purchase up to six pieces per item. For more than six items and/or business purchases, we ask you to contact [email protected].
  • Skins is not liable for customers' property they lose themselves.
  • If the behavioural values are not followed, employees may call the police.
  • Skins has the ability to impose a (nationwide) boutique denial for up to 12 months on its customers if the behavioural values are not upheld.


  • The filming of persons (customers and/or employees) is only permitted with the consent of the person(s) concerned. 
  • Customers of Skins must always be identifiable. For this reason, the face must be observable.
  • It is therefore not permitted, for example, to keep the hood or helmet on.
  • Filming with hidden cameras is in principle prohibited, among other things on the grounds of art. 139f and g of the Penal Code.
  • Covertly filming people violates the right to privacy. 
  • Professional filming is not allowed without Skins' prior consent.

The above behavioural values may be supplemented and/or amended by Skins at any time.